Roman Twins

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‘Can’t we do one more exciting thing together?’ Julia asks.
‘Before I’m locked in the house of my husband?’
Gaius thinks of his wanderings with Quintus. They are exciting.
He hesitates. He doesn’t know if they’re suitable for a girl. But then he remembers that Julia has always been tougher than him.

Rome, the first century AD. The twins Gaius and Julia are fourteen years old and come from a good family. They have a house, they have an education. When they turn 14, they are no longer children but have to continue as adults. Gaius has to choose between continuing his school, joining the army or helping his father. Julia has to prepare herself for marriage.

The story is preceded by the myth about how Rome was founded: the battle between the twins Romulus and Remus. Nothing goes the way Gaius and Julia had thought it would go.


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